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january 2024 gold dust reading

3am.tarot // devils & fools: gold dust readings

hello, friends! for 2024, i'm extending a special ongoing offer to all of my gold subscribers: they can choose one of the many tarot spreads that i share on instagram and i'll pull cards for them in simple, quick-and-dirty offerings that i'm calling gold dust readings.

i'll be sharing these anonymous readings with all subscribers all year long as they come in, in the hopes that they'll help show you in practical ways how to use tarot spreads — something that i get asked about all the time.

our very first reading in this new series comes from LKR, who asked me to use my remembering your magic spread to help them get a fresh perspective on their practice.

with the state of the world, with the many many challenges that we are facing on both individual and systemic, collective levels, tapping into your own magic and being able to recognize personal power can be affirming, energizing, and inspiring. let's pull some cards!


card one // where my magic comes from: knight of elixirs/cups. emotion is a strength, not a weakness, and there is powerful magic in being willing to take chances when it comes to matters of the heart. the knight of cups doesn't mind letting their vulnerabilities show, even when they aren't sure of the outcome — they see connections as adventures, and go after wha they. your personal magic comes from the same place! if your practice is feeling stale, it may be that you're leaning too heavily on logic, and leaving intuition out of the equation. when you aren't afraid to own your dreams and desires, when you seek connection and vulnerable openness, your magic is free to flow and grow in a more empowered and impactful way.

card two // how i inspire and motivate others: queen of elixirs/cups. not only does your magic come from expressing tenderness, sensitivity, and desire, but you also inspire others when you take heart-centered chances. the queen of cups is a leader, someone who does not shy away from sticky emotions or complicated relationships or vulnerable community initiatives. and when you step into that capacity, when you hold space not only for your feelings but also for the needs of others, it teaches those around you how to do the same thing. just like with the knight of cups, this queen inspires simply by being true to themself.

card three // a way to expand and embrace my magic: queen of rods/wands. a second queen! wands are the suit of fire and transformation, but they also explore our connection to willpower, passion, and the ambitions that make us feel alive. expanding your magic is connected to your willingness to own your creative, artistic, or generative skills — to let your boldness and courage be seen, to not be afraid of how the world might perceive you but instead to be as authentic as possible. the more you tap into the desires that make you feel like your fullest self, the more your magic will make itself known.

knight of elixirs, queen of elixirs, and queen of rods from the antique anatomy tarot
knight of elixirs, queen of elixirs, and queen of rods from the antique anatomy tarot

three different court cards, with two of them as queens, tells me that there's a lot of capacity for boundary-holding, leadership, and community care. queens for me are four cards, putting them in the same numerological constellation as the emperor and death — in other words, queens understand how to use compassion, artistry, and structure simultaneously. what would it look like for you to take ownership of your intuition and your passion, to let those things shine brightly and be a central part of how you show up in the world and in your practice? how can you connect with others in a way that inspires all of you? what do your communities and relationships teach you, that you can take back to your own personal work?

these are brave cards, cards that are unapologetically themselves. knights and queens delight in using and celebrating their skills, and these cards in particular don't mind taking big swings to try and achieve everything they crave. LKR, your magic lives in your boldness, your creativity, and your willingness to take big chances. don't be afraid to speak and act from the heart, to name your ambitions, to let others see you chasing your dreams and to try some new things in your practice.

not only will you build up those around you, you'll also inspire yourself.

thank you LKR for letting me read your cards — and for everyone who is not LKR, i hope you enjoyed getting to read this quick-and-dirty three card reading!

a reminder too that if you love to talk read tarot in a collaborative setting, are interested in building your own card-a-day practice with like-minded folks, or are simply craving a space to be in community with other tarot readers, my laughing lovers container starts in just a few days. we'd love to have you join us!