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from the moon to the emperor

exploring the magic between pisces and aries season
from the moon to the emperor

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from pisces to aries season

with ostara and the beginning of aries season around the corner, we are right on the brink of moving from mutable water to cardinal fire, from endless depths to brilliant sparks, from adaptive emotion to focused expression. water and fire both speak to that which dwells deeply within us, our passions and dreams, the things that help us connect and the magic that allows us to stand apart. and with this shift into a new season, we have a chance to consider what has been coming forward within us, and begin to allow those visions to manifest into the world.

all of those dreams that you’ve been sifting through, exploring, indulging - what will it take to make them real? what are you ready to begin building?

pisces is the last season of the astrological year, associated with the moon archetype which falls near the end of the major arcana’s cycle. this journey through the cards has been so much for the fool, has demanded everything - and with the moon we’ve had the chance to blow off steam, to feel our feelings, to allow our wildness to come bursting forth. we make space for those big dreams and desires, stop apologizing for our emotions, and honor everything that our heart contains. the moon wants us to wander through fantasy, to find beauty in our shadows, to make peace with the unknown. in short, the moon allows us to be our fullest and truest selves, to celebrate even the parts of ourselves that we don’t fully understand.

but aries is coming, the first season of a new cycle, represented by the emperor - the first archetype of order and control in the major arcana. we often see this as a card of power and tradition, a figure that prioritizes boundaries and limits. and while this is an opportunity to create necessary stability, i think it’s easy to get tripped up in the concept of regulations and rigidity, and to miss the ways that this archetype also gives us the safety to build and dream with freedom.

to put it another way: the emperor is not sweeping in to put fences and borders around every one of your ambitions, to cut them off at the knees or try to force them to conform into something more palatable. that is not this archetype’s goal. instead the emperor looks at our wildest dreams, our deepest hopes, our purest wishes, and helps us figure out a way to protect and nurture them. we are not meant to suffocate or hide our dreams - instead we are giving them a safe space to expand, intentional ways to grow. scattering seeds wildly into the earth will certainly allow a few plants to take root, but taking the time to choose the correct area and soil, to plant individual seeds with the right amount of care, to water and fertilize and give appropriate light - that gives those seeds the best possible chance for long-term growth. why wouldn’t you take the same attention and intention with your own desires?

as we shift from pisces to aries, we have a chance to take all that we have learned about ourselves and drag those fantasies into reality.

the magic between the moon and the emperor

usually with these seasonal pieces, i talk about the brilliance that dwells in the in-between, the magic that helps us transition between major arcana archetypes. but the moon and the emperor are nowhere near each other in the major arcana - instead, we are moving from the moon, card eighteen in the twenty-two card cycle, to the emperor, card number four. we are flowing from reflection to action, from the quiet depths to the crackle of creation. we are finding the balance between mystical and practical.

both of these archetypes honor movement, understand the importance of boundaries, help us create space and intention for our dreams. but while the moon prioritizes flow and exploration, lingers in the shadows and the hidden spaces, the emperor wants to lay things out in an orderly fashion, to be clear about what is present so that we can organize and build, so that a solid foundation can be established. after giving ourselves so much freedom for expansion and reflection, we now take the time to evaluate what we have found within.

think about the desires and fantasies that have been emerging for you in the last few weeks. what has captured your fancy? what do you find your mind and heart returning to, again and again? when you think about the emotions that have filled you, the visions of the future that you get lost in, what do you find? what do you feel?

and more importantly: how can you make those dreams come true?

the emperor wants you to take your biggest ambitions seriously, to put your logical brain and your organized mind to work. what steps do you need to take in order to make the life that you want real? how can you begin the process of personal growth? what possibilities are already present, that can help you start moving towards your goals? who are you ready to become? what seeds are you planting for your future, and how can you give yourself the best possible chance for success?

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have a beautiful shift into aries season, friends, and a blessed ostara.

images from this post feature cards from the astrol-OG deck and the muse tarot. all photographs by meg jones wall.