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february 2024: a spread for the two of wands

devils & fools: year of strength

hello, friends. this month we're examining the two of wands in all of its fiery, observant glory. and in considering how we want to tend our inner fires, in honoring our own decision-making process, in thinking through what our fire may need to survive, this month's spread is all about letting our passion and desire actually take up space in the choices we make.

i think sometimes, making choices feels like a process that's either all logic or all heart, with nothing in between. but so often the most authentic choices, the choices that we can most fully stick with, are ones that hold aspects of both. what is stirring within us, and what are we observing? what is our gut telling us, and what is our mind telling us? if the two are at odds with one another, what truth does each have to offer? and what would it look like to hold space for both truths, instead of trying to choose one option or another?

and while a choice may seem really binary on the surface, this or that, the kinds of decisions being made with the two of wands often feel (to me, at least) like ones that require more imagination, more innovation, more creativity. where might the answer lie between two established paths, or in a completely different direction? what solution might be right under your nose, if you just gave yourself some room to dream differently?

what if instead of being limited to a single crossroads, the two of wands represented the whole damn map?

two of wands from the this might hurt tarot

this two of wands tarot spread is designed for moments when you want both the heart and the mind, the fire and the patience, be present at once.