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are you willing to give me some feedback?

3am.tarot feedback questionnaire
are you willing to give me some feedback?

hello, friends! if you’ve purchased a reading or study from my website, you’ve likely already received an email from me - feel free to archive this email and go about your full moon in capricorn day.

but if you haven’t, i have a small favor to ask you.

as i continue to write studies and put together a new tarot course, i would love to get your honest feedback on my offerings so that i can continue to write and create works that are valuable, useful, and informative. if you subscribe to this newsletter, enjoy my writings and spreads, have received a custom reading from me, read my tarotscopes or articles, or have used any of my studies, i would love to hear your thoughts on what works for you, as well as any places that i can grow or improve.

to that end, i have put together a very short, six question survey that should only take a few moments to complete. this will give you a place to tell me anything that you’ve purchased or used, give me feedback on how you used it, and a space for you to provide me with a testimonial quote for my marketing efforts if you like. every question is completely optional, so you can skip anything that doesn’t apply or that you aren't comfortable answering - but anything that you can tell me about your experience with my work will be incredibly valuable as i move forward.

you can take my short typeform survey by clicking right here.

if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at 3am.tarot@gmail.com.

thank you so much for subscribing to this newsletter, for supporting my work, and for your time. i appreciate you so much, and your support truly makes a difference.

meg // 3am.tarot