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a spread for the four of wands

a spread for the four of wands
devils & fools: year of fire

hello, friends. earlier this month, i shared an essay exploring the sustainable structure of the four of wands. and so far this month, we've looked at the ways that the number four and the element of fire help to create the energetic fingerprint of this specific card.

our spread for this card is about creating that sustainable structure — and i've included some positions for both short-term and longer-term care in the spread below. assessing needs, establishing protections, and building boundaries are all processes that take time, care, and patience — something that the four of wands intimately understands. in working with this card, in allowing these energies to share their wisdom and magic, we can begin to create order and stewardship for our long-term creative, spiritual, passionate, and collective visions. and we can learn what we really need in order to build the kind of project, vision, collective, or foundation that we truly crave.

what might the four of wands empower you to protect?