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updates Sep 28, 2022

hello, friends, and welcome to the new home of devils & fools!

if you've been following me for awhile, you know that i've been juggling both substack (which on top of their issues around financial support for hate speech, also brought up a variety of issues re: payments that prompted me to write an entire article about stripe for WIRED) and have made several attempts to use patreon (which recently fired their security team and continues to be expensive, difficult to navigate, and lack customization). working for yourself, especially as a creative professional in 2022, is complicated, and i've tested out a few different platforms in my efforts to reach the audience i've built (because of course, instagram is a mess too), support myself financially, and not completely burn out.

it's been a lot.

this new space is my effort to consolidate and streamline my work; a place where i can share exclusive spreads, brand-new writings, experimental offerings, and the latest updates on my book, essays, classes, custom readings, and more. i hope that this will be the last move for quite some time, and i'm grateful for your patience, understanding, and support.

billing has been paused for both substack and patreon, and you can always find me on my website, instagram, tiktok, and twitter. i'm also still writing my tarotscopes column for autostraddle and spreads for astrology answers, as well as other upcoming published pieces with some exciting new outlets. but this newsletter is an important way to support me, and i'm so happy that you're here.

as ghost is an effort to consolidate my work from multiple platforms, i've combined some of the perks of patreon with my ongoing exclusives at substack, and want to take a moment to explain the different tiers that are now available. (this also means that you may find some old links that no longer work, or images that are missing captions. i apologize in advance for this, and ask for your patience as i clean these details up. feel free to comment on a post if you notice something awry.)

free subscriptions include several monthly reflection essays delivered to your inbox, occasional new tarot spreads, plus updates on 3am.tarot, finding the fool, and announcements on ways that you can work with me. (psst: i'll be relaunching my numerology class, devils & digits, as well as opening for client readings in the next few weeks, and subscribers always get first dibs!)

bronze includes access to all public posts plus one exclusive tarot spread per month. right now these spreads tie into the reflection essay that is shared at the top of the month. (this is the same as paid substack subscriptions, so if you were already signed up via substack, you are enrolled in this tier and don't need to do anything. anyone else is also, of course, welcome to join.)

silver includes access to all public posts plus two exclusive tarot spreads per month, tied to the new and full moon phases. these new spreads are only available through this tier or in my digital spread e-books. (this is the same as patreon subscriptions, which could not be transferred, so if you'd like access to this tier you will need to opt-in manually. anyone else is also, of course, welcome to join.)

gold includes access to all public posts, plus all of the benefits of both the bronze and silver tiers (and some occasional surprises sprinkled in). if you love my tarot spreads, this is the tier for you! it's also the highest level of financial support, which is incredibly appreciated.

in addition to the new content that will be shared here in the future, i'm also using this as an opportunity to gather and share past work. members of paid tiers will have access to posts that were written and shared as patreon and substack exclusives over the past few years, and both spreads and essays can be accessed by exploring the tabs on the 3am.tarot ghost homepage.

i've also shared some older posts from my work at autostraddle, astrology answers, and the 3am.tarot blog, in the hopes that these pieces will serve as useful tools in your personal tarot work. you can explore these through the resources tab, and i will continue updating this section as i'm able.

thank you so much for being here, for following me across platforms, for being endlessly supportive and enthusiastic about my work, for reading this far. i love what i do so much, and my hope is that settling here on ghost will allow me to focus more on the creative work, instead of constantly fighting algorithms and payment processors.

if you have any questions on an existing subscription, payments, or content, you can reach out to me and i'll get back to you as soon as i can.

wishing you a beautiful day, and i'll be back in your inboxes on saturday with a brand new essay on the hanged one!


Meg Jones Wall

photographer, writer, tarot reader. bisexual/queer, she/they. nyc.