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happy new years' eve!

hello, friends! with the new year just hours away, i wanted to send out a reminder that my brand new tarot journaling series, strength & starlight, begins tomorrow, which means that today is your last chance to sign up.

strength & starlight features five weeks of tarot journal prompts, brand new spreads, and exercises, all designed to gently support your transition into 2024. if you've been feeling lost or helpless, if you're eager to move into the new year with courage and power, if you want to use tarot and numerology to better understand personal and collective energies for 2024, strength & starlight is for you.

i've been slowly adding a lot of new goodies to my website, so if you've been craving new tarot resources, an easier way to browse tarot spreads, or numerology support, i've got you covered. feel free to explore my revamped site at your leisure, but i wanted to call out a few offerings (ones that have been requested by a number of readers!) that are now available.

the 3am.tarot sanctuary discord server is currently open to all paid newsletter subscribers! whether you're craving online community or looking for a place to talk and learn tarot, the sanctuary is a sweet and lovely place for thoughtful exploration, connection, and discovery.

i send out invitations every few weeks to paid subscribers, so upgrading your subscription tier will not only give you access to the server but will also get you exclusive tarot spreads, special writings, and offers in the new year that no one else can access.

for those who want to learn more about numerology, the silver tier will be perfect for you. but even if that's not in your budget, i've got a numerology lecture now available on my website: tarot by the numbers.

this free-to-access lecture is one i've given a few times over the years, and i've gotten so many requests for tarot numerology resources that i wanted to keep this accessible for everyone. we talk through the basics of numerology and also cover each of the nine numerology constellations, cross-referencing digits with tarot archetypes. i'll also give you some additional resources to explore for those who want to integrate numerology into your personal tarot practice.

for those who are getting started on their tarot journey, i've got three brand new foundations lectures designed just for you! tarot 101 covers the history, structure, and traditions of tarot; tarot 201 digs into techniques for learning the cards (including suggestions for different learning styles); and tarot 301 offers insights into how to move from learning to reading the tarot for yourself, including discussion on spreads, reversals, and more.

each lecture includes a detailed outline as well as resources for further study. i'm really proud of these offerings, and i sincerely hope they're useful for anyone who's looking to create their own tarot practice!

this series will continue expanding in 2024 (with a highly requested court card lecture next on the docket), but you can access the first three right now:

lastly! i write so many tarot spreads and have finally started the rather arduous task of compiling them into a more accessible digital library, which i'm calling the 3am.tarot archive.

this will be regularly updated, but you can now explore all of my freely offered tarot spreads by category and topic. i've got sections for activism support, advice, creativity, grief, perspective, power, relationships, and more.

thank you so much for being here, for reading my words and supporting my work. this newsletter and especially paid subscriptions directly contribute to my ability to pay rent, buy food, and generally survive in our current capitalist hellscape, and i deeply appreciate your time, energy, and encouragement.

wishing you a safe, empowered, and generous end to 2023, and i'll be back with more on 2024 over the next few days.