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six of wands // creative prompts

six of wands // creative prompts

hello, friends! a reminder that my next tarot study container, resources & resilience, begins on july 1 — and i'll also be releasing my new intermediate lecture series, next level tarot, on the same day. let's hang out in discord and talk tarot!

our final six of wands piece for this month is more open-ended, more creative, more expansive. if you missed any of our installments on this delicious card, catch up with the general essay, or meditations on the number six, the element of fire, and a new tarot spread for this card.

part of why i love to include these in our monthly card studies is because i think it's so easy to get stuck in the endless loop of tarot readings, and to forget that there are so many ways that we can engage with the cards. tarot is not only a tool that is available to you when you have a question that demands answers — it's also a companion, guide, and magician that can help you explore, discover, question, investigate, challenge, and reimagine anything you like.

these prompts can be used for many purposes: journal entries, card prompts for readings, character studies, personal introspection, inspiration for daily activities, or just about anything else you can think of. the sky is the limit, so read through them and see where your muse may take you. (and if ultimately you decide to use some of these questions to fuel your tarot readings, that's completely fine too!)

six of wands from the queer tarot (left), the wild unknown tarot (center), and the goddess of love tarot (right)

how do you understand the six of wands? what comes up for you when you look at different versions of this cards, or when you look at the six of wands card in your favorite deck? how does this card make you feel? what does it bring up? which keywords do you first reach for when defining this card, and where did those words come from?

how does this card explore family, devotion, feeling connected to something bigger? when you think about accomplishments, achievements, pride, and victory, do you tend to think about yourself as an individual? or are you deeply aware of the ecosystem that supported you along the way? how does this card teach us about interconnectedness and reciprocity? or do you prefer to see this as a card of personal power and accomplishment, rather than one of community joy?

how do passion and emotion intersect? what impact do enthusiasm and fiery authenticity have on relationships? how does the element of fire show up in community?

what personal fires are you feeding right now? how do they intersect with the tended fires of your loved ones, neighbors, community members? how can fire be reciprocal?

what would it look like for a person or character to embody six of wands energy? what does it look like when you embody this energy? how could the six of wands manifest in a place, a time, a motion or movement, a choice? what does the six of wands look like in your world?

how could the six of wands' energy be useful for you? when might you want to intentionally step into this way of being?

thank you for spending this month examining the six of wands with me! if you use these prompts in your own work, i'd love to hear about it in the comments.