november 2022: full moon & lunar eclipse in taurus

full moon in taurus Nov 8, 2022

hello friends! today's lunar eclipse in taurus falls on a rather auspicious day here in the united states, with midterm elections happening throughout the country. there are many things that are out of our control as american citizens, but voting is one way to make our voices heard. and while many states and counties are gerrymandered and dealing with intensive suppression efforts, voting is still an important way to engage in local and national politics. please vote if you can, ask your friends to vote, do what you can to support others in your community who are voting. and if you're looking for places to donate or support, check out my #9DaysOfResources series over on instagram. (if you have a favorite mutual aid network or community organization that helps to support voting rights, please drop them into the comments!)

also: my birthday was on friday, and i shared a little solar return spread that you can use any time you'd like to celebrate and activate your own magic.

now, for today's full moon & eclipse!


Meg Jones Wall

photographer, writer, tarot reader. bisexual/queer, she/they. nyc.