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new moon in gemini

exploring the fool and the suit of swords
new moon in gemini

hello, friends. tonight we have a new moon in gemini: a chance to start fresh, to discover new truths, to unpack new ideas. gemini is all about curiosity, about exploration and expansion, about giving ourselves space to question and dream and think big. this new moon marks the recent shift into gemini season, when the magic lightens and we find ourselves craving freedom, movement, and experimentation. and while new moons in particular offer a chance to begin again, setting intentions and honoring our personal truths, this entire season is one of inspiration and joy, letting our brilliance settle over everything we touch. today we’ll be looking at the magic that this new moon offers, and digging into the tarot cards that can help us understand this new cycle more fully.

the energy & power of the new moon

new moons are always ripe with opportunity, bursting with potential. we have before us a quiet moment where we can set intentions, honor our dreams, and choose where we want to focus our energy - with the new moon, we have the opportunity to figure out what is important to us right now, and to make space for ourselves to explore that new idea, goal, relationship, project, or challenge. we can spend time with our intuition, reflecting on what we want to invite into our lives. what have we been making space for, either intentionally or subconsciously? this is a chance for a new beginning, to establish a new pattern, to honor a new desire or dream or need. take some time today to listen to what it is you’re craving, to recognize what you want right now. what is capturing your imagination? what can you begin? and what movement is already in motion?

in general, the new moon phase is always associated with the major arcana archetype of the fool. this is card zero, a blank slate, a match that is just waiting to be struck - with the fool, we are filled with restless anticipation, are preparing to leap forward into the unknown with no map, no plan, no safety net. the fool knows exactly what they’ve been craving, longing for, obsessing about, and isn’t afraid to admit that they want something more. after so much time dreaming and wanting, they’re finally willing to push forward, to take that chance and trust their intuition to lead them in the right direction. this archetype represents both the moment before we leap and the leap itself, the desire for change and the movement embracing it. we find that same energy brimming in the power and magic of the new moon, that same invitation to let our dreams take up space, to honor what we want. this sense of brimming anticipation can be intoxicating in its excitement, but it requires more than just recognizing our desire - we also have to choose to take that first step forward, to put our longings into words and honor the intention that is building within us. are you brave enough to begin?

gemini & tarot

gemini, a mutable air sign of communication, collaboration, information, creativity, adaptability, intelligence, and connection, is always overflowing with ideas, eager to find new ways to explore, to express themselves, to reveal truths and honor ongoing evolutions. and while the seasons of aries and taurus were about recognizing what we’re working towards and prioritizing safety and structure, gemini wants to test those newly-established boundaries, to see how they feel. gemini corresponds to a few cards within the tarot, most notably its birth card of the lovers. this archetype of harmony and balance makes space for us to recognize all of our aspects, to find freedom within our dreams, to push past old limits and recognize all that we are capable of. love, whether it’s for someone else or for ourselves, can be all-consuming, leaving our minds and hearts dizzy with longing and excitement and passion - and in the same way, we see gemini getting caught up in every new beginning, imagining potential futures, seeing endless possibilities around every corner. as powerful as this archetype and energy can be, and as much as gemini urges us to explore and expand, it’s also important that we remember who we are at our core, the recurring ideas and patterns that keep coming forward. what connects all of your dreams together? what is the common thread in the things that you want? and how do those ambitions reflect the person that you are, and the person that you hope to become?

we can also find the energy of gemini within the minor arcana, particularly in the ace of swords - a card of truth and discovery, of insights that shift everything, of an opportunity to seek new knowledge and understanding. it’s a flash of brilliance that makes space for deep intellectual transformation, a sense of clarity that can help us create new purpose. there’s joy and potential in the ace of swords, but there’s also power in awareness, a challenge to explore more deeply. gemini seeks to understand, to know, and with the ace, we see the opportunity for a shift, one that can change the way we think about ourselves, our goals, and our world.

gemini is also present in the court of air, most notably with the mutable knight of swords. eager and intense, this knight charges forward towards their goals, focused and confident and precise. but they’re moving so quickly, so excited to prove the point or discover the truth or win the argument that they can easily miss essential details, tripping over their own feet in their desire to win. while their enthusiasm and drive is admirable, this knight reminds us to consider how we’re utilizing the element of air in our thoughts and actions. knights always push us to seek balance, and in this case, we must find harmony between our logical, intellectual perceptions and the watery, emotional magic of the moon. air is powerful and the mind can lift us to brilliant new heights, but take ideas too far and we lose sight of our empathy, our passion, our ability to turn ideas into tangible realities. where are you getting carried away? how are you limiting your own progress by only seeing one way forward? and might slowing down a bit help you reach your goal in a more purposeful, powerful way?

putting it all together

with new moons giving us opportunities for beginnings and the dazzling energy of air swirling all around us, this is a time for clarity, for sincerity, for deep internal awareness. exploration can help us recognize what resonates, trying different desires out and celebrating those flashes of insight and truth when they come, so this is no time to limit yourself or your ambitions - truly, the sky is the limit. being honest with ourselves about what we want isn’t always easy, but what do you have to lose by being real? where have you been compromising, and how can you prioritize yourself? what evolutions might shift your path forward, and how exciting might it be to try out something new, something you’ve been longing for?

looking at all three of these cards at once, there’s a clear, powerful pattern - this is a time for truth, for awareness, for the power of our insights. with a sharp sword in hand, the fool can feel unstoppable, charging forward with passion and certainty, creating a new path that honors everything that they’ve been dreaming of. but the knight shows us what can happen if we’re too stubborn in our convictions, reminding us to find balance within the elements, to not let air take over. each of these cards is humming with energy and possibility, excitement and awareness, urging us to celebrate ideas and take some chances. and after several seasons of structure and caution, this new moon in gemini gives us a chance to soar. where can your imagination lead you when you strip away your limits, your boundaries, your fears? what is holding you back from pursuing what you want? what are you eager to explore?

there’s a lot to take in here, in typical gemini fashion - but fortunately for us, writing pairs beautifully with the energy of this season, so consider a free writing ritual, letting your thoughts spill onto the page without censoring them. when you close your eyes and clear your mind, what wishes, hopes, dreams, longings, desires come forward? what do you imagine creating for yourself? what kind of progress are you itching for? what do you want to explore? it’s okay if you don’t have all of the answers just yet - instead focus on formulating the right questions. what do you want? and how could granting yourself a bit of freedom help you find it?

as you consider today’s new moon in gemini, remember the courage of the fool, the brilliance of the ace of swords, the truth-seeking of the knight of swords. how can you be brave? where is your natural magic leading you? what is captivating your imagination, filling your fantasies, testing your creative problem-solving skills? and what new truths can help you create a path forward, one that honors everything you are and everything you’re discovering?

more on tonight’s moon

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thanks for reading, and have a beautiful and inspiring new moon!

this post features images of the moonchild tarot deck. all photos taken by meg jones wall.