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from the lovers to the chariot

on the magic between gemini & cancer seasons
from the lovers to the chariot

hello friends, and welcome to cancer season.

to me, the magic that dwells between gemini and cancer, that lives in the space between the numbers six and seven, is some of the most beautiful and affirming power within the numerological sequence. this is where we clarify who we are, what we wish for, how we prioritize our desire. this is where we recognize who we want to become, and decide how hard we’re willing to work to make that dream come true.

as we move into this exploration, consider: what did you test out in gemini season? which risks did you take, questions did you ask, truths did you discover? what did you learn about yourself?

and if you experimented and played, if you allowed yourself to try on some new ideas or goals or connections, which ones did you like the best? which version of yourself felt the most true in this present moment?

from the lovers to the chariot

gemini season can be dazzling. new information, new connections, new ideas, new innovations, new communities, new initiatives, new discoveries: gemini may be our sign of mutable air, wrapping up the end of a season, but to me it always feels like a time that is rife with possibility, giving us a chance for a fresh start.

the birth card associated with gemini, the lovers, is one of relationship: relationship with the self, with partners, with friends, with the collective. it’s all about the ways that we allow ourselves to be seen, the things that we share, the experiences that we let others participate in. and in the same way, the number six is one of reciprocity and responsibility, of making important choices and recognizing the consequences they will have. we feed our dreams, our desires, letting them take up space, imagining what form they may take.

we look at the wide, dazzling world, and imagine how we want to move through it, and who we want by our side for the journey.

on the other side of this shift, marking the summer solstice and the longest day of the year, we find cancer: our sign of cardinal water, often described as sensitive, emotional, nurturing, and protective. cancer’s birth card is the chariot, an archetype of pursuit, movement, focus, and determination. and when we layer in numerology, we find even more depth within this card.

the chariot is associated with the number seven, a digit that can trip people up when it comes to the tarot. seven is associated with spirituality, purpose, intentionality, and deeper meaning: it’s the moment in the cycle when we look at what we have done, at what we long for, and ask ourselves the hard questions about what it all means. seven isn’t content to just do what’s expected or conventional, to simply follow orders. instead, seven wants to know the why of it all, wants to recognize the motive and determination that gives us grit, courage, passion. why do we want what we want? why do we dream what we dream? why do we choose certain paths, take certain chances, push for certain outcomes?

in the tarot, sevens are our cards of assessment and advice, of examination and interrogation. we look at what we crave, what we know, what we desire, what we build, and ask ourselves if we’re truly satisfied, if the course that we’re on is worth the effort that it takes to stay with it. do we really want what we’re working towards? or are we just so used to having a particular finish line on the horizon that we are moving on autopilot?

on the heels of gemini season, after the joyful expansion and stability of the lovers, after making choices and giving ourselves room to breathe and grow and connect, the chariot wants us to think about what our goals are, and where those goals have come from. this is an archetype that wants us to be sure that what we’re doing has meaning to us, that we’re fighting for something that we truly believe in.

the lovers gave us a chance to stretch our wings, and the chariot wants us to create a safe and intentional container to hold all of our joy, to give our hopes and desires shape, form, protection.

if we care enough about a cause or a person or an ambition, we will do what it takes to shield it, and sometimes even instinctively recognize which rules are worth breaking, and which are worth upholding. and in the same way, cancer season so often is about nurturing the things we care about, and about keeping out the things that we are not willing to spend time or resources on.

with the chariot, we hone in on a target. which experiences, connections, even challenges, have brought out our most authentic self? in play, in relationship, in choice, what has felt the most true? where has it felt like you’re putting on a costume, and when has it felt like you’re shedding it, being a full and focused version of yourself?

within this transition lives the magic of clarity, of recognition, of untangling. what are you searching for, running after? what are you ready to pursue, and what requires further examination? which questions are shaping your path, and what will it mean when you start to find answers?

for more on cancer season, check out my latest round of tarotscopes over at autostraddle. i’m also going to be launching another new instagram study series soon, so make sure you’re following me there too.

have a magical, clarifying, empowering cancer season, and a beautiful solstice, friends.

images from this post feature cards from the fountain tarot. all photographs by meg jones wall.