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from the hermit to justice

exploring the shift from virgo to libra
from the hermit to justice

hello, friends. this has been an intensely difficult month for so many of us; in many ways it feels like everyone i know is going through an impossible time, struggling to care for themselves and offer support to those they love. i’ve been trying to be honest about where i am while still pressing on, trying to be realistic about my plans without dropping the ball on any of my existing commitments. it’s a lot to hold, and if you’ve been having a hard time, i see you, and i’m there with you. i hope you can prioritize rest and healing, that you have people in your life that you can lean on, that you have moments of safety and joy and pleasure in between the times of fear and stress, of pressure, of uncertainty.

today we move from focused, adaptable virgo into balanced, collaborative libra, shifting from earth to air, from endings to beginnings, from detailed effort to wide open spaces. and whether virgo season felt intensely productive for you or you found yourself using this season for rest and recovery, libra urges us to move out into the world again, to let our ideas take up space, to work for equilibrium and harmony in areas that may have been holding tension or friction.

of course, in the major arcana we don’t actually go from the hermit straight into justice. instead we work with a card that sits between the two, the tenth card of the fool’s journey and an archetype that i don’t write about very often: the wheel of fortune. today i’d like to offer you a bit of insight into this in-between card, as well as some thoughts on the transition from virgo’s hermit to libra’s justice. take a few deep breaths, release any tension in your jaw, neck, and shoulders, and let’s begin.

the wheel of fortune

what card actually sits in this space between, and what does it have to teach us? with only twelve zodiac signs and twenty-two cards within the major arcana, there are ten archetypes that i don’t write about as frequently, that i don’t always get the opportunity to dive deep with. and for many readers, the wheel of fortune tends to be an elusive one, a card of luck and karma, fortune and fate, change and constancy. after sitting with the reflective awareness of the hermit, giving ourselves the space to get to know ourselves in new and more profound ways, the wheel of fortune reminds us that the world does not stop turning simply because we have left our routines behind for a time. opportunities and possibilities abound, potential is everywhere, and for every choice we make, every door we open, another one closes behind us.

this isn’t a threat, mind you - decisions must be made, and as the twos in each suit remind us, we cannot carry all of the swords and wands and pentacles and cups at the same time, cannot do every single thing we want to do simultaneously. we must find a path forward, must focus on a targeted goal or ambition, must allow ourselves to dream specific dreams. and as we go down that path, sometimes we feel a sense of inevitability, like we were always meant to be in this particular place at this particular time. the hermit helps us clarify our needs and desires and fears, while the wheel of fortune reminds us of the ways we are connected to the universe, the impacts that our choices have on the world around us. what do our patterns do for us? how do our movements change our potential? what does it mean when we say yes, no, maybe? how do we limit ourselves, and where are those limits essential?

the wheel of fortune takes us from personal reflection to outward experience, showing us that our actions and inactions have consequences. and while some things feel like the luck of the draw while others feel etched into stone, the truth is that we cannot control everything. we can only control our own choices.

from the hermit to justice

that in-between space inhabited by the wheel of fortune holds more than a tricky, rather elusive archetype. it also helps us transform from the isolated hermit, intellectual and reflective, detail-oriented and exploratory, to the archetype of justice. the things that we begin to discover within ourselves expand and take up space, shifting our perspective, helping us remember who we are and what we are moving towards. and while the wheel of fortune is a reminder that we do not live in a vacuum, that there are forces beyond our control that influence what we can and cannot do, justice helps us reclaim a bit of power, a bit of strength, a bit of clarity. with the archetype of justice, we take the realizations that we have had, the understandings about our morals and beliefs and ethics, and we see what happens when we put them out into the world. we see our ideas made manifest, our theories come to life. we see how it feels to claim that we hold the truth, that we know what is right and wrong.

justice can feel like a big card, especially at a time like this, when so many things feel wildly unjust. we all have a moral compass, insight and intuition and instincts that guide us, that help us process the world around us. yet just like that sixth sense that we all possess, it takes a bit of practice to learn to listen to it, to trust ourselves. with justice, we put our virtues to the test, see if what we think is right actually works in a practical way. this card feels like pure air, like a sharp sword, like a precise and perfect perspective - yet none of us can always see every angle, can understand every viewpoint. like libra, we must inquire and examine, make space for multiple voices, work collaboratively and equitably to include as many ideas as possible.

the shift from the hermit through the wheel of fortune and into justice is one of self-awareness and deep personal discovery. we’re asked to take ownership of our wants and our choices, to recognize what we can control and all that we cannot change. the world keeps turning, whether we are quietly examining our shadows or eagerly sharing ideas with those around us. seasons shift, things die and are reborn, the days grow shorter and then longer again. we live in cycles, patterns, habits. and while some are beyond our ability to change, others are breakable, flexible. after we know what matters to us, after we recognize our power, justice allows us to step into the world with a clear vision and a willingness to listen. and with today’s shift into libra, we have an opportunity to learn from those around us, to allow ourselves to grow into people that can balance humility and pride, knowledge and expansion.

for more on libra season, head to autostraddle to check out my latest round of tarotscopes, and visit astrology answers for a brand new spread on working with the energy of this season. i also have a new spread on mabon, if you’re looking for something to help you connect to today’s autumn equinox. tomorrow i’ll be sending out another piece for all subscribers, a deeper dive on the first quarter moon and the magician. and as we move forward into this new astrological season, as we approach october, i’ll continue to send out original writing on tarot and magic, though with the upheaval in my personal life things might be a bit more loose than usual. i appreciate your patience and support as i move through a difficult transition, and wish you a beautiful and balanced libra season.

images in this post feature cards from the moonchild tarot. all photos created by meg jones wall.