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february 2023: a spread for curiosity & creativity

february 2023: a spread for curiosity & creativity
the sabat tarot

hello, friends! earlier this month i shared a post on curiosity, creativity, and how the fool can serve as an avatar for both. and whatever you're working on, whatever idea has been slowly emerging or clarifying, i wanted to share a spread that can help give you some new angles to test out.

curiosity and creativity can be big concepts. they hold a lot of space for freedom, for wandering, for exploration — but sometimes, without any boundaries or structures or rules, we can get a little lost in our imaginations. and to be clear, there are times when that is incredibly helpful! brainstorming sessions and free writes and letting our minds dance around and through something can help give us new insights on where we want to go next, what we might want to test out.

but there's a reason that the emperor comes after the empress, that the four follows the three: at some point, we need a sandbox rather than an entire desert. having some limits can help us feel a bit more safe, even as we continue to build and dream and play.

and creating parameters for ourselves to wander within can help loosen up any tension, anxiety, or fear that we may be carrying, allowing us to be as free as possible while still providing ourselves with protection.