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a spread for the five of wands

a spread for the five of wands

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we've already looked at our card of the month, the five of wands, through a general lens as well as a numerological one. but sometimes, the best way to engage with a tarot card, especially one as potentially prickly but powerfully present as the five of wands, is to grab our deck and get to work.

as we've discussed, the five of wands is a card that can bring up a lot of discomfort. it forces us to acknowledge tension and friction, to recognize where our passions are feeling stifled or restricted, and to work through changes and transformations that will allow us to keep growing.

the inverse, of course, is that we're getting fired up about something that doesn't matter, rather than looking directly and what is truly bothering us. and this energy, when we don't understand it or recognize it, can be intensely destructive.

five of wands from the anthropological tarot (left) and the spacious tarot (right)

but the five of wands isn't just about big feelings that sprung up out of nowhere. in digging into the heart of the five of wands, in recognizing where passion and tension intersect, we can learn so much about what truly matters to us. and the longer we hold space for our intensity, our desire, our restlessness and our frustration and our tension, the closer we get to necessary change.

what has the five of wands taught you about authentic transformation? how can friction help us understand what we're willing to fight for, what we're no longer willing to tolerate or ignore or excuse?

with all of this in mind, our spread for this month is one designed to help us honor what is actually going on: the emotions underneath the actions. we may know that we're irritated or activated, but what lives at the root of that feeling? where are we feeling confined? where are we ready for more? and what are we going to do about it?