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a spread for the ace of wands

3am.tarot // devils & fools: year of fire

hello, friends. this month we've been examining the ace of wands through several different lenses, considering this card as a blaze of initiation and an opportunity for empowered transformation.

the ace of wands is a spark of inspiration, yes: a flash of something new, a vision of possibility. but as an extended gift of fire, this card is also a crackling ember of magic that we can wrap our hands around, take within, and allow to change us. when we say yes to the ace of wands, we say yes to change, to firelight, to a journey of initiation.

this current moment that we are in, as individuals and as part of a broader worldwide collective, is one that feels nearly impossible to hold: genocides abroad and at home; COVID rates surging; climate change impacting everything from winter weather to animal extinction; cop city and police brutality; costs of living continuing to go up while the job market keeps getting worse; lawmakers and representatives more concerned with stripping away rights to bodily autonomy and free speech than making daily life easier; on and on and on. in the face of all of this suffering and sorrow, the ace of wands might feel impossibly hopeful, foolishly optimistic, impractically energized.

yet like every card in the tarot, we don't have to only ever look to these cards as representative of what is already true, what is already real, what is already present. we can also use tarot cards as prayers, as wishes, as frameworks for what we hope to work for, what we hope to make and see and become.

and if you're feeling hopeless or helpless, if you're aching to activate a sense of fire in your blood and bones, the ace of wands might be able to help you get moving in a more inspired, hopeful direction.

our exclusive spread for this month allows you to intentionally call upon the energy of this card, to welcome it in, to make a home for it. what are you ready to begin? where are you craving energy, inspiration, magic? how are you ready to pass through fire, to embrace this metamorphosis, to see who you are on the other side of a long and intense journey? how can you begin a process of refining, of growth, of permanent and authentic change?

grab your tarot cards, and let's find out.