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a spread for boosting creativity

finding new inspiration, magic, and joy
a spread for boosting creativity

hello, friends. as august winds down and we prepare for cooler weather here in the northern hemisphere, it may feel that other things are shifting too. we’ve just transitioned into the slow, thoughtful intentionality of virgo, are moving towards another full moon, are preparing for times of harvest and reflection and celebration. and while this summer felt like a creative drought for me, the crisp air and gentle shifts are making room for new possibilities, new potential.

what is inspiring you these days? where are you discovering new opportunities, both internally and externally? how have you been growing? what have you been building? virgo may be a sign of patient, practical earth, but its mutable energy makes space for flexible adaptation, for looking at nearly finished works and innately understanding what is still missing. there’s a sense of awareness and power that comes forward in this sign, a confidence in knowing how to finish a job well, to add on those little bits of magic and brilliance that make something shine and sparkle.

we all need a little help finding our spark sometimes. and whether you’ve been working through creative blocks or simply need an extra kick in the ass to get moving on a long-term dream, this spread can shake some of cobwebs out and help you find momentum again.

i know things are hard, friends. i know the world is scary and overwhelming, that it may feel like things are spinning out of control. but sometimes setting aside some space for creative exploration, for inspiration, for reflection, can help us find a bit of freedom and light and magic. how can you carve out space for joy? what can virgo season help you discover about yourself?

image and spread created by meg jones wall.